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To transform your relationships into lasting, enriching ones, where conflicts are no longer roadblocks to peace. With extensive experience in Therapy and Relationship Counseling and a vast history of client success, our individualized approach is designed to help you attain long-lasting goals.

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With an interactive style, we trust that you are an expert in your own life and sometimes could benefit from professional support and guidance. As a therapist who is also a wife and mother, I provide empathy, respect, and understanding to your process. 


Each year I engage in additional certification programs because of my love for learning. I am committed to providing the most relevant, effective, and evidence-based approaches. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with masters degrees in Therapy, Education, and Healthcare Ethics. I am also a certified educator in the Nurtured Heart approach, a widely recognized technique to promote optimal child development.

About Nurturing Solutions 

Nurturing Solutions is an extension of the highly successful Nurtured Heart Approach movement. With 20 years of experience, we combine the successful approaches with the feedback we've received from hundreds of individuals and families. We are deeply invested in our community and are proud to support and promote California individuals, couples, and families. We welcome your calls and questions.  

Nurturing Solutions respectively offers a 20% discount to teachers, single-parents, and active military families.

Nurturing Solutions

1011 Devonshire Dr. Suite-D
Encinitas, CA 92024