Strong, fulfilling relationships are key in finding meaning and happiness in life.

  • School Observations

  • Public Speaking

  • New Moms

Individual Therapy

Are you a success-oriented person that has hit a few bumps in the road? Do you ever think that you are repeating the same pattern in your relationships with friends, employers, co-workers, family members or romantic partners? Are you ready to breakthrough old, unwanted habits once and for all? Marla Flores is here to support the changes you are now ready to make.

  • Develop your best self

  • Sort thoughts/Take action

  • Put the past behind you

  • Change is possible

  • Believe in thriving

Help For Parents

Despite the best intentions, parents frequently engage in approaches that inadvertently promote their child's negative behavior. Yelling, nagging, warning, and even loving explanations provide children with love and attention at the wrong time.

Nurturing Solutions teaches how to promote successful behaviors even in the most challenging and intense children.​

We specialize in helping families with children ages 3 through 18, including those who:

  • Have low self esteem

  • Have poor school performance

  • Thrive on negative attention

  • Exhibit violent tendencies

  • Are manipulative or defiant

  • Are talented underachievers

  • Recently experienced loss or trauma

  • Suffer anxiety or depression

  • Are diagnosed with ADHD

Nurturing Solutions is committed to:

  • Increase cooperation in the classroom

  • Improve behavior

  • Maximize potential

  • Promote individual success

Classroom Observations

Nurturing Solutions observes children in their natural environment in order to more accurately determine potential causes of undesirable behaviors.  Office visits can be intimidating for children and can get in the way of accurate assessment.

Couples Therapy

Do you ever feel unappreciated and unsatisfied in your marriage? Do you and your spouse often "get along" but feel as though you don't like each other as much as you used to? Would you like to rekindle your commitment and find that spark again? Marla Flores is here to help.

  • Like each other again

  • Rekindle fun and adventure

  • Develop mutual respect

  • Present a unified front to children and family

  • Learn how to agree to disagree

Public Speaking

Marla Flores is a dynamic speaker with advanced training in:

  • Stress Management

  • Effective Parenting Approaches

  • Mediation

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Diversity Education

Marla Flores is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with masters degrees in Therapy, Education, and Healthcare Ethics. She is a certified educator and widely recognized as an expert.

  • Parents

  • Child Behavior

  • Individuals

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Help For New Moms

New moms are remarkably conscientious. People never understand just how someone so small can require so much round the clock energy and attention until that bundle of bliss arrives. Just about everything changes. Nurturing Solutions wants to make sure that those changes are all for the better: improving mental and emotional well being for you and your precious child.

  • Sleeping soundly

  • Mastering potty time

  • Establishing healthy food habits

  • Getting parents on the same page

  • Kind and confident boundary setting

  • Happy sibling relationships

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