Individual Therapy

Are you a success-oriented person that has hit a few bumps in the road? Are you feeling more depressed or anxious than you think you should? Are you ready to break through old habits? Marla Flores, founder of Nurturing Solutions, is here to support the changes you are now ready to make.

Defining Your Best Self

Sort Thoughts/Take Action

Process the Past to Move Forward

Learn How to Thrive

Help For New Parents

The parents we work with are dedicated, conscientious, loving, and sometimes concerned. They just want what is best for their children. Sometimes it is hard to understand just how someone so small can require so much round the clock energy and attention. It is a big adjustment for parents and siblings. Nurturing Solutions aims to support families with all of these adjustments; improving mental health and emotional well being for you and your  child.

We offer help with:

Emotional Regulation

Oppositional Defiance

"Same Page" Parenting Approach

Healthy Food Habits

Effective Consequences

More Peaceful Sibling Relationships

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Enhancing Your Relationship & Achieving Personal Goals - Easier Than You Think.

Contact me for a phone consultation. The first 15 minutes are free without obligation.

  • Preschool Observations

  • New Parents Support

  • ​Toddler Development
  • Public Speaking

Nurturing Solutions

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Encinitas, CA 92024

Public Speaking

Marla Flores is a dynamic speaker with advanced training in:

Stress Management

Effective Parenting


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Diversity Education

Couples Therapy

Do you feel unappreciated and unsatisfied in your relationship? Do you and your partner get along but feel as though you are growing apart? Are you ready to reconnect and establish a healthier and more affirming way of communicating with your partner? Marla Flores is here to help.

Remind You of Why You Got Together in the First Place

Revive Fun and Adventure

Communicate Mutual Respect

Present a Unified Front to Children and Family

Learn How to Agree to Disagree

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Which Service Works Best for You?

Preschool Observations (San Diego County Families)

Nurturing Solutions observes children in their natural environment in order to more accurately determine potential causes of undesirable behaviors.  Office visits can be intimidating for children and can get in the way of accurate assessment. 

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Personal Growth

  • ​Individualized Classes

Healthy Dating

Are you sincerely looking for a meaningful, long-term relationship but get stuck in the same old pattern? Setting concrete intention is half the battle. It is essential to clarify just who you're looking for. Then the magic can begin. This guidance has helped many people achieve a happier, healthier, and more stable relationship.

Personalized Private Classes

We live in a world of "too much information". Concerned parents deserve access to immediate help. Research is good but it only goes so far. Personalized Private Classes are designed to address your unique needs regarding: Discipline, Consequences, Defiance, ADD Management, and Anxiety.

We look forward to discussing the best next steps with you.

Call or Text: (760) 271-3165

Parenting Support For Your Unique Child

Despite the best intentions, parents frequently engage in approaches that inadvertently promote their child's negative behavior. Yelling, nagging, warning, and even loving explanations provide children with love and attention at the wrong time.

Nurturing Solutions teaches how to promote successful behaviors even in the most challenging and intense children.​

We specialize in helping families with children ages 2 through 18 who exhibit:

Low Self Esteem

Poor School Performance

Thrive on Negative Attention

Violent or Aggressive Tendencies

Manipulative or Defiant

Talented Underachievers

Loss or Trauma

Anxiety or Depression

Has Your Child Been Recently Diagnosed or Do You Suspect You or Your Child Has ADD or ADD-Like Symptoms?

To Learn techniques to help with function, success, and relationships

Contact Us.

Nurturing Solutions is committed to:

Improving Student Success

Teaching Emotional Regulation

Optimizing Family and Child Potential